How to do KYC online?

Investor needs to be onboarded first on Wylth platform (refer Investor onboarding article under category – Client Onboarding). Below steps needs to be completed by Investor for E-KYC:

• In case investor is not MF KYC Compliant, he/ she clicks on the button “Initiate KYC”

Note: The “Initiate KYC” option is available with the IFA/ MFD as well in case the IFA/ MFD wants to help initiate the process along with the investor. The KYC verification process is to be completed by the investor only in either case.

• The system will share the investor’s details with CAMS KRA and redirect to CAMS KRA to complete the KYC journey.

• User selects the mode of KYC.

• The CAMS KRA system shows the list of requisites.

• CAMS KRA system will prompt the investor to enter the following details.

Note: Investor must provide the phone number and details linked to his / her Aadhar and PAN.

• Investor is required to upload copy of his/ her PAN card (alternatively may use phone/ device camera to capture photo of his/ her PAN card and upload).

• The customer to verify his address.

• The investor is required to upload “Signed” “Cancelled Cheque” where his/ her Name along Account and Bank details are visible clearly.

• The investor is required to Sign (alternatively the investor may upload his/her Signature image or use phone/ device camera to capture photo of his/ her Signature image and upload.

• The Investor to review his e-KYC Application and confirm by clicking on the button “eSign and Submit”, which will prompt him to enter an OTP sent to his registered mobile number (with UIDAI).

• Investor enters the Aadhar OTP, upon successful verification of Aadhar (Linked with PAN and Name matching), system will prompt a success message screen and redirect the investor to next page.

• Aadhar OTP verification “Success Message”

• The investor is redirected to the final step: where the status of eKYC submission and Zero Value Folio creation (along with the details) and shown. The investor returns to Wylth® system by closing this window.

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